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Determining an Effective Pramiracetam Dosage

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When taking any nootropic, the most effective dosage will vary from person to person. Not everyone’s bran chemistry is the same, and the weight of the individual can influence a doses effect.

Pramiracetam recommended dosage has an extremely high variance. The recommended dosage is between 75 – 1000mg per day. Personally, I recommend starting at a minimum of 150mg once per day. This is because studies have revealed that side effects are least likely at a 150mg dose.

In the placebo group, 17% of people reported side effects, at the 150mg per day dose, only 15% of people reported unwanted side effects. On the other hand, 25% of people reported unwanted side effects at the 75mg per day dosage.
Another thing to consider is taking two 75mg doses in a single day to reach a total of 150mg. Furthermore, 17% of people who took 300mg per day experienced side effects.

If you don’t experience side effects when taking between 150-300mg per day, feel free to gradually increase your dose. Studies have observed people taking up to 1,600mg per day without experiencing any adverse effects.
For this reason, a Pramiracetam dose of approximately 500mg, taken 3 times per day is a good maximum to set.

How Should I Take My Pramiracetam Dose?

Pramiracetam can be purchased in either pill or powder form. Personally I recommend powder form for two reasons. First, it is generally cheaper to purchase any nootropic in powder form. Second, you have more flexibility when it comes to tweaking your dosage.

If you don’t anticipate tweaking your doses, and money isn’t a huge deal, then you should purchase pills simply for the convenience.

If you purchase Pramiracetam in powder form, there are two easy ways to take it. You can cap your own pills, or simply pour the powder into a drink. Pouring the powder into a drink might taste bad but it is much more convenient. However, I find that pouring a powder nootropic into a strong beverage such as orange juice or coffee does a good job at masking the taste.

If you create your own pills, you will need to purchase a pill capping machine, and make the pills yourself. Many people don’t want to go through the trouble of actually capping the pills.

Regardless of if you pour the Pramiracetam into a drink or make pills you will need either a scale or a measuring spoon. A scale will be more expensive, but may also be more accurate.

Final Considerations

The final things you must consider with your Pramiracetam dose is when you take it and how far apart you spread the doses.

Because the half-life of Pramiracetam ranges from 4.5 to 6.5 hours, you should spread your doses apart by 6-8 hours. Personally, I re-dose when I feel the effects have mostly worn off and there I can conveniently measure out my dose.

Lastly, make sure you take Pramiracetam on a full stomach. Pramiracetam is fat soluble meaning it doesn’t dissolve well in a liquid. You are more likely to experience nausea taking Pramiracetam on an empty stomach and the dose will likely be less effective.

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